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Sample Indemnification Clause Purchase Agreement

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13.1 Obligations to notify and defend claims and cooperation (may be added to any compensation at the sponsor`s request or at the discretion of the item). 13.2 A limited repair for sponsors if the study drug is to be used in high-risk procedures such as bone marrow transplants. 13.3 Sponsor`s insurance coverage (may be added to any compensation). 13.4 Self-insurance (may be added to any compensation). 13.5 If the sponsor insists on a time limit on its compensation obligations. [This is mutual compensation for the negligence of each party and also provides that the promoter compensates the university for claims arising from the use of the study results. It can only be used if the university protocol or procedure is used. The second paragraph (sponsor compensation) can be used independently if the sponsor does not ask us for compensation. If the sponsor provides medicines, materials, etc., the liability allowance may be more appropriate. With a few minor changes, the first paragraph can be „reflected“ to create an inter-institutional allowance (for example. B on the component) or the state university.

] In the case of Queen Villas Homeowners Ass`n v. TCB Property Mgmt., 56 Cal. Rptr.3d 528 (Cal. Dist. Ct. App. 2007), the court stated: „Are the words „compensation“ and „compensation“ synonymous? No no. One is offensive and the other defensive – even if both are thinking about third-party liability situations. „Indemnify“ is an insulting right – a sword – that allows a compensation worker to claim compensation. „Keep yourself harmless“ is defensive: the right not to be disturbed by the other party seeking compensation. Nevertheless, the Tribunal concluded that the language of the concept of compensation „should not be interpreted unloaded“. Error in notification.

If [PARTY A] [PARTY B] is not informed of the compensation procedure, [PARTY B] will be released from its compensation obligations as long as it has been affected by the failure of [PARTY A]. Compensation procedure. „Excusable proceedings“ refers to any legal, administrative or arbitration action, appeal, appeal, appeal, investigation or proceeding against [PARTY B] resulting from this agreement and 10. Compensation — This is a detailed and highly negotiated compensation, which contains conditions that should only be accepted if the promoter insists on it.

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