13. Oktober 2021 DirkW

Uncertainty Disagreement Matrix

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The matrix, which consists of these two dimensions, allows the user to draw projects, decisions or activities in one of the five areas, as shown in the image, and accordingly adopt a certain style of management, decision-making and direction. First of all, RIck Cynefin is not a matrix, it is an emergenic framework. Reading this, you will see how it is created, so it cannot begin with the intersection of two dimensions. It is a sensual framework built socially from people`s experience with their past and also their expected future. It is of course derived from the triple classification of defined systems in relation to limitations (the bit you like) you might prefer this representation (if you put together the simple and the complicated and call them order). The main model is the three systems, Cynefin simply shares the order in simple and complicated and adds disorder to realize that human perception is also important. I don`t like 212 matrices because they create a categorization approach where the model precedes the data so that people do things appropriately. As you can see from the first link, the framework is created from the data so that it is more suitable for the design of the senses and instead detects a modified or changing context. I am familiar with Stacy`s model, and her latest refusal, since he makes everything complex now. I also think the danger of gradient models is that people can`t think otherwise. They simply settle where they feel most comfortable (which Stacy did). – A framework with limits (like Cynefin) allows people to see that they need to behave differently in different contexts. The art of management and leadership is to have a number of approaches and know when to use which approach.

Ralph Stacey proposed a matrix to support this art, identifying management choices in two dimensions: the degree of security and the degree of convergence. Thanks for the Rick Link, unfortunately, I can`t find the matrix (at least not as a graph) in Stacey`s book „Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics“. ^Although assuming that what you mentioned above (which is mentioned in your article) is the actual version of Stacey, what is the news in the Cynefin framework? Curious about some thoughts, comments, etc.:) We live in a world of turbulence, uncertainty and ambiguity. The workplace is no longer a place of stability, and in most years disagreements and uncertainties can be expected. If there is a narrow consensus on the scope and objectives of the project, but there is a high degree of uncertainty about what to do next, the project manager should anticipate conflicts in defining the technical approach, project structure plan, personnel plan or project planning. In this case, a strategy of „consultation“ with stakeholders, in the form of walkthroughs, demonstrations and other process-oriented tools, can be effective in giving them confidence in the project. Are you comfortable with uncertainty? Otherwise, what would you change? The Stacey matrix was developed by Ralph D. . .

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